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RABS is an excellent alternative to FOGS metal grid

Alfeo De Franceschi is a Hitachi customer in Friuli and both he and his son have been Hammerglass fans for some time now. Their brand-new machine, a Hitachi ZX 135 US, is equipped with our RABS solution and they are currently getting ready for raising a new construction in the village. Choosing Hammerglass to replace the original glass allows small companies  to meet all the safety requirements under the law while having unbreakable glass and avoiding expensive downtime.

– We are so happy with the choice we have made with this new machine, especially since this solution means that we would not need a metal grille but would still feel safer. We have done several other minor demolitions as well, some construction work and some forest work , and got some tough stone chips and pieces of wood against the front screen while on the job – but this is no more a problem.

Riccardo Salomoni, Hitachi dealer:
– All customers to whom we have sold Hammerglass solutions in combination with Hitachi machines (both excavators and wheel loaders), are extremely happy and satisfied with the safety, durability and good visibility of the screens. In Salomoni Srl, we think that RABS is an excellent alternative to FOGS metal grid.

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Hitachi ZX 135 US


Complete Hammerglass RABS set


Alfeo De Franceschi, Friuli, Italy

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