Vandal protection for information boards & light signs

Unbreakable glass for information boards

Many devices and electronic equipment require the protection of extra-strong security glass. Hammerglass media protection is fitted on poster panels and neon signs in areas where there is a risk of damage. Hammerglass is also a good choice for protecting sensitive equipment against chemicals.

hammerglass media protection

Security glass & touch screen

Hammerglass functions extremely well both in applications where a security glass screen has to be cleanable and in situations where is an unbreakable touchscreen is needed.


A particular requirement relating to screen protection is that the glass employed should have an anti-reflective coating. Since anti-reflective treatment and anti-scratch treatment are somewhat incompatible, a compromise has to be reached in each case. We will be happy to help you find solutions that match your requirements.


  • 300 times stronger than glass
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Easy graffiti removal
  • Minimal maintenance

Strong sunlight?
Hammerglass is weather resistant.

Persistent rain?
Hammerglass is weather resistant.

Really low temperatures?
Hammerglass is weather resistant.


Rounded corners, odd angles, bent panels, milled holes or other processing are not a problem. We have the facilities for CNC milling of Hammerglass panels to exactly the right size and shape. In the case of larger series of panels, the glass can be screen-printed with black masking around the edge before it is coated with the Hammerglass extra-hard surface coating of silicon oxide. Hammerglass is also available as colour-impregnated glass.