Lightweight glass roof panels 300 times stronger than glass

Glass constructions for large roof areas

Clear, coloured or opal Hammerglass systems offer exciting solutions for walls and roofs. The panels can be supplied in lengths of up to 6 metres, or jointed in an endless stretch with watertight joins. The Hammerglass panels can be shaped to fit curved roofs. For applications with a small glass radius a flexible surface treatment can be applied to permit bending of the panels. The extremely hard, smooth surface of the Hammerglass nano coating helps to ensure that, in most cases, dirt and dust are washed off the roof structure by the rain.

An excellent choice

  • Half the weight of ordinary glass
  • 300 times stronger than glass
  • The panels are made to measure after a steel construction has been assembled
  • Ready-made solutions for fixing and installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • May also be supplied in IR form, with 50% heat reduction
hammerglass roof bus terminals

Light-weight solutions for large structures

For travel centres, bus terminals and station platforms, strong roof structures with load-bearing steel are often required to hold the large glass surfaces in place. Hammerglass is the perfect solution here - 300 times stronger than glass and with only half the weight.


We supply flexible roof solutions with Hammerglass panels mounted in existing structures or project-specific profiles, for example L-profiles with clamping profiles in the glass joints for waterproof joins. Each section is measured individually, after which the glass is produced.



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hammerglass bus shelter

Undamaged bus shelters make travellers happy

Permanent weather protection solutions for bus shelters, station platform shelters, open air public spaces and the like which keep the traveller dry and happy. The embarrassment of broken glass following acts of vandalism, the high cost of clearing up the resulting mess and the replacement of broken panes with heavy and hard-to-handle glass panels - all of these problems are eliminated.


  • Complete constructions with integrated noise protection for station platforms
  • Hammerglass’ own shatterproof bus shelters
  • Replacement of existing glass



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hammerglass electrical protective roof

A 12 millimeter life-saver

A modern, electrical protective roof structure to cover overhead contact lines on bridges over railway tracks. The electrical protective shield is strength-calculated to allow for snow- and wind load and for the wind load from passing trains. The watertight and tamper-proof solution forms a solid barrier against live conductors, and can be manufactured in execution class EXC2 or EXC3.



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Design and installation

Bring us into your discussions at the idea stage. Our designers will prepare drawings and offer suggestions for functional solutions. We will be happy to provide tenders for complete projects: Made-to-measure Hammerglass, posts, fixing systems and installation.